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P-L Squared is aligned with The Targeted Strategies Group, the largest life insurance producer in Canada with a 20-year history, 5 offices and 13.5 billion of in-force insurance policies.

The P-L Squared Wealth Protector™ was developed specifically for the unique needs of Canada’s leading professionals.

We specialize in insurance that optimizes wealth and enhances the benefits of professional or personal corporations.


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Estate planning for business owners and professionals

March 10, 2023

Many business owners and professionals think the terms “estate planning” and “succession planning” are two ways of saying basically the same thing. In fact, though, they are separate processes with different end results. An estate plan…

5 Things for business owners and professionals to consider when choosing a life insurance policy

January 7, 2023

Business owners and professionals are well-versed in making crucial decisions that affect both the current day-to-day operations and the future state of their business or practice. When it comes to the latter, an unforeseen death of…

The decision between single vs joint life insurance for business owners and professionals

November 8, 2022

Navigating the many nuances of life insurance policies can be confusing and complex for couples – and even more when you are a business owner and/or professional. But those in relationships, whether common-law or married, should…